UK TV transmission path predictor

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Receiver location: (OS grid reference, e.g. SP5208 or SP527087 or postcode, e.g. OX3 0ND)
Antenna height: metres above ground
Transmitter location: (OS grid reference, e.g. TQ339712)
Transmitter height: metres above sea level
UHF channel: (21-68)
Transmitter name: (optional)


Some postcode areas are rather large - better precision is possible using an Ordnance Survey grid reference, if available. Also, some postcodes have not yet been included in the database. Please note that terrain details for Ireland have not yet been included.

This is an experimental facility and might be liable to failure or other problems during its further development. In particular, the graphical output produced is currently Adobe PostScript ®, which might not be displayed correctly with certain browsers. To view the output with your browser, it will require a plug-in or helper application such as GhostView ® or Adobe Acrobat ® plus Distiller ®. Alternatively, the output can be saved as a PostScript (.PS) file for subsequent use. It is planned to make a different format available in the future.

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